Summer, Day 1

Tuesday, June 5, 2012
The surprise was a success!  (Well, meaning that we had fun, not that it was a complete and utter surprise. This is thanks to our oldest who anticipates all surprises before they happen lately.  Note to self: become less predictable).

We headed out for ice cream last night with the kids in their jammies because they were already nodding off in their beds.  Cole's quote on the way to the ice cream shop was , "I did NOT know we were doing this!  This is WAY better than a book."

Then, today we hit the zoo!  It was a must-do as soon as possible this summer because a) we are now zoo members and b) we somehow totally skipped the zoo last summer!

The weather could NOT have been better!  It was a gorgeous, sunny, breezy day!  Everyone had their priorities we had to hit. They went something like this: PAIGE - bird exhibit, WILL - bears (mainly for a bear mold-a-rama which was good because really we only saw the rear end of a brown bear anyway), COLE: giraffes, but admits he liked watching the monkeys better.  We were all awed by the dolphin show.

If you didn't trust that it was a bright sunny day, check out Cole's squinty eyes! :)

Extreme Bugs exhibit.  Overall, not recommended, but the kids liked this VW bug...painted like a bug.

Paige could have stayed in this room forever!

Made it to the giraffes

Ran into one of my little sister's BFFs in tropic world Asia!  Love random encounters!


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