Brotherly Love

Monday, June 11, 2012
So, I haven't reported recently about the *ahem* loving relationship between Will and Cole.  There was a literally a time of total intolerance on Will's part recently.  I can happily say that that phase has passed.  Now, they can be seen goofing around together, playing a game together and actually enjoying each other's company.  It's SUCH a nice change.  Despite this, Will is still not quick to verbalize his love and caring for Cole and we are working on this.

Today, though, I got a good glimpse at the fact that it IS there...even if it can't be verbalized.  Cole had awakened from a nap and was crying because he had left a portion of his snack in the van from errands earlier that day.  I had given him permission to go get it, but he used a rude tone to tell me he wanted me to go get it.  I refused until I heard better manners.  So there he stood on the steps to the garage.  Crying. 

I finally went over there and tried to calm him down.  While do this, I could hear footsteps quickly running upstairs...then all around the upstairs...then downstairs.  Finally, Will swung around the corner looking slightly flustered and said he was looking all over for Cole because he heard him crying and couldn't find him.  While he was slightly annoyed that it was just a tantrum, it was music to my ears to hear that if Cole was in trouble, his brother would be there.


Renay said...

Ahhhhhh....that really is SO sweet! Go Will!

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