Tuesday, June 26, 2012
Have you ever noticed that much of the time that we are frustrated or angry is because our expectations that we've set up in our head are not being met.  A company isn't measuring up to our expectations.  A vacation doesn't live up to our expectations.  Our paycheck isn't what you were expecting.

When you have babies, you get used to doing what the day brings without updating them because, afterall, they are babies.  They live in the moment.  They have no concept of time.  There comes a time, however, when they get that concept of time, anticipation, and expectations.  At this point, it would be wise to start informing them more about what is to come so that these expectations are set correctly.  This will avoid this response to a 10 minute warning before going to run an errand, "WHAT?  I was just going to go get in the pool!"

So, we've started a little morning meeting as we're doing our morning chores.  (Today's was on the car ride to swim lessons.  Yesterday's was in my closet...out of ear reach of the dogs, as one plan involved them and any mutter of the word "walk" means NOW to them.)  This has helped tremendously in their understanding of how the day will go and made me realize that I was kind of springing things on them before.  In addition, it earns me the right to expect them to be ready and act informed about our agenda.

Of course, I still get frustrated from time to time when MY expectations aren't met.  For example, I expect...
  • Will to know (and remember) to take his underwear off before putting on his swim trunks. 
  • My kids to know to shut the door to the house when they walk out of the house...especially when the AC is on.
  • My kids to know NOT to spit gum out onto the patio while in the pool (no one's owning up to this yet)
  • That my kids know that wet clothes don't sit on the floor.  WET CLOTHES DON'T SIT ON THE FLOOR!
  • My kids -er- boys to know that a full-out dual in the library is inappropriate.
  • That my kids know that we're not getting pet fish when we go to Meijer.  We're just not.
  • My kids to know that they should try to avoid rubbing their hands all over the windows/doors/mirrors.
  • My kids to go to bed promptly after very long, energetic summer days.
I mean, is this too much to expect?


Kelly said...

Your first 2 and last 2 bullets are sooo similar to mine...and Izzy likes to lick the windows/mirrors - - she says she's cleaning. Eww. She must be cleaning the boys dirty hand prints off. :)

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