Little Known Facts

Tuesday, May 1, 2012
  • Will equates getting to a certain level on a Lego Star Wars game with "heaven."
  • Cole has a hang nail obsession. Yes.  It's true.  He can be found multiple times a day clipping the pointy corners away, or "sawing" them with the metal file.
  • Having a getaway night planned can really give you a "get 'er done" attitude for a very busy week.
  • What you don't have in physical work with older kids as opposed to younger kids, you do have in mental work.  The debates, listening to stories, breaking up battles, etc.  Sometimes I just want to sway and shush and see if it still works to accomplish quiet.
  • It's refreshing to meet and get to know new friends.
  • I never realized how tough it would be to hear my kids being criticized by this case for being too skinny.  Yes, it starts.
  • On a related note, there is great reason why many kids are NOT skinny.  Kids come to school with super-sized snacks.  I know.  I see them when I volunteer. 
  • My kids are still bad at meat names.  It's weird.  As we ate a salmon dinner, Cole blurts out, "May have some more beef?"
  • Will lost his first tooth!  While he *may* have gotten a little nauseous afterwards, he handled it great and is ready for the 2nd loose one to exit!
  • No matter how many times I see it, pants pulled up super high are funny!


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