Weekend Highlights

Sunday, April 29, 2012
  • Will had a birthday party at a pizza/arcade place Friday night that we all went to.  He then went back to their house for more party (but had decided he was going to pass on the sleepover part which I thought was a good decision as it was all sorts of crazy).
  • Kids got to see first hand a large firetruck ladder being used to fix a very tall windmill.  This followed by McDonald's lunch was awesome to them!
  • Family dinner Saturday night - with cold weather, it was perfect for a big pot of chili followed by a movie.
  • Neighborhood play today.  Paige was given a little more freedom (that I foresee this summer) on her bike to ride down to a friend's house and play.  She pushed the limits a bit on this and I'm pretty sure she gets it now.  This is a privelege.  You will lose it if taken advantage of. 
  • Will is showing some signs of better tolerance of Cole.  They could be found playing with a neighbor boy, playing on Will's DS together, AND building Legos together.  Dare I utter we may be coming out of the oil and water phase? 
  • Cole learned a lesson tonight too.  While heading to his room to read, Rich had to go back to Will's room for something. Cole could be heard from his room yelling, "Daaad!  Get back here right. this. second!" in addition to other shockingly bold demands.  We swiftly marched in there and informed him that he just lost his reading time.  He became QUITE upset, of course.  After a while of crying, I returned and asked if he had learned his lesson.  He shook his head 'no.'  Maybe he didn't understand the question.  "Do you know why you got in trouble?"  He again said, "no."  I informed him that he is not allowed to speak to his parents that way, and he should know that.  To this, he replied, "I didn't learn that yet," in a way that made it sound like that topic isn't covered until second semester 4th year curriculum or something.  I'm pretty sure he'll remember now, though.


Renay said...

You guys are so good - can you please come discipline my children for a week? I usually just stare at mine and say "I can't hear you when you talk to me like that"...they haven't learned yet. ug :)

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