Monday, March 12, 2012
Cole is at such an interesting stage there is no doubt that I could post solely about him everyday...except for the stuff that isn't blog-appropriate, and there's a good deal of that, too.  He's just a ball of personality lately. 

  • One of his oft-repeated lines is, "Hey mom, I've got a job for you," as if I'm roaming around with a "needs work" sign hanging from my neck. 
  • He also tends to ANNOUNCE everything he says instead of simply saying it. 
  • His eyes are so animated when he talks that I swear if you blocked out the the sound of his voice (good luck with that) you'd still be able to tell what he's saying.
  • His enthusiasm for everything is so infectious.
  • He's super helpful.  Like today, he separate lights from darks for me to do the laundry AND he told me all my lines while we played cars so that I didn't even have to think!
  • He's also at the age where naps aren't essential every day, but missing them also leads to a shift in demeanor late in the day.  I'd say he tends to shift towards audacity.
So, all of this talk of Cole at this age makes me think back to not long ago when many of my posts were about Will because a) I spent a lot of time with him and b) this age simply elicits a lot of usable content.  Here are some snippets from Will's era:

In a rare event, Rich came home for lunch and we were all sitting around the table when Paige said that she heard that if you eat too much chocolate, you'll get diabetes. Rich and I explained that that is somewhat true - eating too much and definitely too many sweets can lead to diabetes. After some silence...

Will: Well, I'm eating my milk and mac 'n cheese, so I'm not going to get diarrhea.

Paige:'s diaBETES!

Tonight the boys were in the bathtub together and Will was in what I like to call a "crazed energy" mood. This means what you can probably picture - lots of crazy noises and freaking out for no apparent reason. So I leaned in and said, "Will, you need to calm down right now or we will get you out of this tub and you will go straight to bed. Do you understand what I'm saying?"

Will: "Yes. I need to walk in a straight line to bed."

Will was getting into his carseat and apparently majorly bumped his head on a part of his carseat. He has a bump that feels like the ones you see on "Tom & Jerry." To console him, I said "I'm sorry. I don't even know what that part is for on your carseat." He astutely replied, "I think it's so you know that's NOT where you put your head!"


I had mentioned something about a class I took in elementary school.

Will: So did dad stay home with us when you went there?

Me: No, actually you weren't born yet - I hadn't even MET dad.

Will: So did you live in this house alone, then?

Me: No, actually I lived with grandma and grandpa Cumpata because they are my mommy and daddy and I was little.

Will: So, then who lived in this house?

Me: This house wasn't even built back then.

Will: So was it just, like, paint and wood?

(Since it was obvious that life before our family was too large a concept for him to grasp...)

Me: Yup.


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