What You Can Learn

Monday, March 19, 2012
But first, today's funnies:
It rained today so Cole and I had some playtime inside (since OUTside has been such a normal occurance in recent days).  And what better a time to do some tasks on the honey-do list...

This evening, all three kids were pooling their money to see if they had enough to buy another parakeet, as it seems they feel our current one needs a friend.  This, of course, would mean that it would be a shared bird, not just Paige's, as the current one is.  If care and decisions go as poorly as name-choosing does, this is probably not the smartest route.  While discussing name ideas (and not coming to ANY kind of agreement) Will finally said, "Let's just talk about this another day when you're not so grumpy, Paige."

Tonight Paige was practicing playing songs on a recorder.  She came up to me afterward and said, "Mom, we need to watch Sound of Music again because right now I can't remember how Do Re Mi goes and that's just a tragedy!"

Now, onto "what you can learn."  Paige's class has been learning about drawing conclusions and deciphering in school.  Her teacher brought in pieces of "garbage" from a new neighbor of hers to see if they could predict what type of person it was.  So, here is a "glimpse" into our family.  Only, instead of garbage, I'm using the highly useful stair basket I have that corrales random things that need to make their way upstairs.  Here is what we have at this present moment:
  • Approximately 17 kind-of-white socks (because of the warm weather, these have been shed and left multiple places several times a day)
  • A samurai sword.  Of course.
  • 3 bouncy balls (that remained hidden after the roughly 60 that were dropped from the balcony the other day got picked up)
  • A magazine.  It's headed to my bedside table so I can read if for 4 minutes at night before my eyes spontaneously close.
  • Swimming trunks (hand-me-downs from cousin Riley, headed to Cole's room)
  • A Ben-Gay sample.  I just don't know.
So - can you infer what type of family we are?  And the bigger question...would you like to be our neighbor? :)


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