The Jekyll and Hyde Weekend

Sunday, March 11, 2012
It seems as though we had an official "opposite day" kind of weekend.  (Cole would love that.)  Saturday we travelled to Wisconsin and prayed the machine-made snow at Alpine Ski Resort would last long enough for the kids to get a good first skiing experience.  It DID!  But was quickly melting as we left.  Here are the highlights:
  • We explained to the kids that though there wasn't snow, they can make fake snow for skiing.  This was a poor word choice, I learned, because it became clear that Will was picturing a white, cotton-like substance.  We explained that it was indeed frozen water.  He clarified by saying, "It's snow, just not from God."
  • I also learned that when driving 2 hours to try a new sport, one might want to take a portion of that time to explain that it is a new sport.  It will be difficult initially, and you might get frustrated.  This way it won't be such a shocker that on their first go-round they can't just glide gracefully down the hill like they see others doing.
  • But perserverance will lead to learning and will quickly evolve into cockiness. Some quotes from Will: "I'm going up again. You can film me if you want." And, "This is so easy; I don't even have to try." It also leads to Paige riding up chair lifts and Cole insisting no one hold his hand.

    Will - getting pretty sure of himself with endless trips up the people-mover

  • Paige - starting to dig it


Cole - hadn't even gone up yet at this point, but who cares?  Check out his rockin' skis!
And so then completely switch gears and we bring Sunday, in which Paige was outside in flip flops and shorts, every outdoor toy was removed from storage and the kids are wiped out from fresh air!  (Perfect formula for a clocks-forward day).


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