Hockey Game and Other Tidbits

Sunday, February 26, 2012
This weekend we took the kids to their first hockey game to see the Chicago Wolves play.  The kids had played floor hockey in P.E. and after completion of the series, received a free ticket voucher - our impetus for going.  It was thoroughly entertaining and all parts were enjoyed: the snacks (snowcone for Paige, dippin' dots for Will, cotton candy for Cole), the pomp and circumstance, the fights (especially Cole), and the game.

Fireworks.  Indoors!

"when are they gonna fight again?"
Some other weekend tidbits:
  • Cole bit a hangnail off until it bled.  Pretty sure it was almost his entire limb that he bit off, judging from the carrying on he has done about this.
  • Playdates with older kids are cool.  Busy kids with alot less help needed by mom!
  • Rich and I purchased ourselves a new camera and printer.  Look for better quality photos on a blog near you!
  • My goal was to be able to sit down tonight before 9pm so that I can watch my DVRd streamline version of the Oscars.  Mission: Complete!


Renay said...

Catchin up on your blog posts is adding to my "must do this" list!! Looks like you guys had a super fun time...and indoor fireworks? How cool is that?!

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