Tuesday, February 14, 2012
We were playing cars in the morning and I was supposed to be racing my cars (as dictated by Cole).  While it may have looked like my red car came in first, I must not have gotten the updated script that my red car was supposed to come in "twoth" place.

He was in a generally grumpy mood and snapped at one of the other kids.  I called him over to me to ask if there was something bothering him.  He said, "Well, I just feel crummy."  I said, "Oh, is your cold still bugging you?"  Will:  "No, I mean I actually feel sticky and crumby and I just need to get clean."  As a neat / clean freak, I completely got that that made him grumpy.


Renay said...

Brady and Aiden hate losing and the rules change in the middle like "oh...did I forget to mention that the second car to cross the finish line is actually the winner". Bunch of cheaters! ;)

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