Great Weekend It Was

Sunday, February 12, 2012
There is nothing like a relaxing weekend after a quite un-routine, busy week!  We worked in plenty of fun and relaxation, and this afternoon we even made it to the local rollerskating rink as a family!  Cole was still hanging onto a cold, so the crowd and loud music (and I'm guessing his keen sense of germination occurring all around him in his not-so-sterile surroundings) had him and Rich leaving early.  The bigs and I hitched a ride with my sister and her family after an additional hour of skating.  Great way to expend energy during cold weather!

This weekend also brought us farther along in our Star Wars trilogy (x 2) goal.  Will had received the original trilogy for Christmas (episodes 4-6) which we finished.  So we watched episode 1 and half of 2 this weekend.  This is a movie franchise that the whole family agrees on and is equally excited to watch, so it is great fun!  The boys have also been checking out Star Wars books from libraries, so our Jedi minds are full of knowledge.  We have learned that fear will lead you to the dark side and that Yoda speaks in juxtaposed sentences.  So tonight when we stopped the movie to head up to bed (it's a school night, after all), Cole said in his best Yoda voice, "Skip brushing teeth we will."  No, young Jedi, we won't.


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