The Back-to-the-Grind Report

Monday, January 2, 2012
As of 5 minutes ago, the house is officially de-Christmassed and tomorrow morning we will resume our regularly scheduled lives.  It has been a wonderful break.  Nobody is super-pumped to get back to the grind, but Rich and I could feel today that maybe the kids are in need of a little more structure anyway.  Here's the state of everyone as I see it:

PAIGE:  Vocal about having enjoyed just having more time with me to do as she/we please.  Did a much better job keeping herself busy in unscheduled time (thanks to entertaining gifts from her birthday and Christmas).  Slightly out of sorts tonight going to bed (I think because she has a little anxiety about being up and at 'em tomorrow morning.)  But she's got a new outfit picked out and jewelry to match, so I think she'll be ready!

WILL:  I'll admit it, he'll probably go through video game withdrawal.  After that, however, I think he'll enjoy getting back to doing "projects" and seeing his friends.  A change of scenery (from Legos or video games) will probably be welcomed.  He has been the least vocal about "dreading" going back to school, so this is good news. 

COLE:  His current motivation for preschool tomorrow is seeing his friend Matthew.  His pesky cold (which randomly sends him in a frustrated frenzy due to his sore nose and lips) has him thinking school tomorrow might be iffy.  He has no doubt enjoyed having his sister and brother around to hang out with and play / fight with.

RICH:  Has had a much-loved week off of work and it has been glorious.  We've both learned that time off over the holidays isn't a good time to expect a project list to get done, but his main objective of having some extensive quality time with the kids was met.  I'm betting he'll like some mental stimulation on Tuesday, though.

ME:  Will pray this night of sleep for Cole gets his symptoms under control because I'm ready for a normal day!  I had a couple barely-get-out-of-pajama days with the family this break (which I do not do easily) and have to admit that I really dislike the feeling of not being productive. Hmmm, that scarily sounds like my dad!  So while I may have to set an alarm for my normal wake-up time, it doesn't mean I'm not ready to get up and moving!


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