A few of my favorite things

Wednesday, January 4, 2012
  1. Happy kids bounding off the bus.
  2. The spaciousness my house takes on when Christmas decor is packed away.
  3. Seeing Will in the middle of the floor with a pile of Legos and a look of determination.
  4. Paige's notes to me.  The latest was last night when I was at a meeting and she was excited she finished her book, Matilda.
  5. This winter's weather so far.  Yes, snow would be fun, but air that doesn't hurt your face?  Good.
  6. ALL of my Christmas presents.
  7. Evening TV time with my husband.  We've vowed to stay up later to get some in every night (since lately we're often working on "stuff" until late).
  8. Cole's catch phrase after reading with him at night, "Mom, let's lay down and talk about our days."  (Yes, I know it's a ploy to stay up later with company, but...he wins.)
  9. My friends' new years lists.  I look forward to this...my group of friends do a new year's "favorites" list of everything from beauty products to books/movies from the past year for each of us.  They are SO fun to read and gain from.
  10. The fact that organizational products are often on sale this time of year. I get giddy over this.


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