Unattained Goal

Friday, December 30, 2011
I believe my last post mentioned something about posting here and there over this two weeks and, well, this is my next post and the two weeks are over...just about.  Oh well, turns out these 2 weeks FLY by and so that little list I made of fun things to do / projects to accomplish was written in vain because we didn't even touch it.  This isn't to say we didn't have a great time during this break.  There's just enough naturally going on in these couple weeks that actually planning things isn't necessary. Here's a post-season wrap:
  • Kids and I had a fun first week with playdates and a mall trip before Rich was off work.
  • Kids had a sleepover party at Grandparents Cumpata with cousins.
  • Family Christmas on the Cumpata side lasts a solid 8 hours with great fun, gifts, and food.
  • Paige's pet hamster died (just reaching its average lifespan of 2 years) the day before her birthday.
  • Decide to get her a pet parakeet for her birthday (requires a disclaimer...because of our only-one-pet-at-a-time rule, we had already gotten her a different birthday present knowing she REALLY wanted a bird .  Dead hamster made us do it.)
  • New bird is awesome, but turns out it's so docile because it's sick and dies overnight (Christmas Eve).  Paige handles it gracefully.
  • Had a great Christmas morning!
  • Family Christmas on the Kelly side - making Christmas feel complete!
  • Paige and Cousin Kate
  • Went back for new bird.  "Lulu" is doing great!  We can hold her on our finger and we're starting to hear her sing as she gets more used to her new home. 
  • Paige's Slumber birthday party!
  • It was a rockin' good time that went into the morning...
  • Recovery period.
  • Bowling and great dinner out with the family.  Cole wishes to wear bowling shoes home.


suzanne said...

so glad you guys had a great xmas!

heresthediehl said...

wait...what? you bought a bird? what?

how are we even friends?

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