Christmas BREAK!

Monday, December 19, 2011
It's Christmas break.  Although I'm tempted to take a break from all things regular, I still hope to post a few here because if there's one time I'd like to look back on and get a "feel" for how things were, it is during the holidays.  So, what a great time than the first "official" day of break for the kids (meaning, they would normally be in school, but they're NOT!).

Instead of flailing around not knowing what to do with themselves (like I was fearing they might do), the kids stayed very busy and had fun with each other.  Since Will is experiencing cold symptoms, I decided to plan a stay-in day today and we made/decorated sugar cookies. 

Finally I learned to give them all a hunk of dough to do as they please.  Teamwork doesn't work here since some people's standards are different than others.

Decorating time!  Cole ditched us for this part - I think because eating an unimaginable amount of raw dough wasn't involved in this step.
 Did you know you can make your own colors of sugar simply by adding food coloring to sugar?  It's true!  I might be the last one to know it.  Paige wanted yellow sugar for the stars, but we didn't have any, so we made it and it worked great!  Will, then used the yellow sugar on the snowflakes and made a joke about yellow snow and, well, the conversation kind of went downhill from there.


Tonight on the way home from swimming, Paige was complaining about a little pimple on her nose.  (Random, minute bump).  Anyway, Cole asked, "What's a pit bull?"  And Will provided this fantastic answer, "PIMPLE, Cole.  It's a little bump of skin and if you bug on it too much it will bleed."  Guess he's ready for adolescence!


Renay said...

Oh wow...way impressed with the cookie making. I don't have the patience for that much prep and clean up :)Yellow snow...that kid is too much! Love it!

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