A Stay-Home Day

Thursday, December 1, 2011
Especially during this season, it's very hard to find a day where I can just be home and stay home.  Yet, I feel that it's important to do this every now and then in order to dial things down a bit and have some good quality time with Cole that doesn't involve buckling seatbelts and holding hands in the parking lot.  I also think that it's a good lesson to teach kids - you don't *need* external stimulation to have a really fun day.

Wednesday we had a day like that and I have to say we had a blast.  I let Cole generally decide the activities for the day and it went something like this:
  • Cars
  • Painting
  • Board game
  • Baking
  • Puzzles
  • More cars
I have to break up the cars-playing monotony for the sake of my sanity as I think he'd really choose to play that from morning until night.  And, yes, lists of to-do's and to-go's were running in my head, but nothing that couldn't wait.

It's road with a rainbow and then a river running through it...

More me watching and him doing

I love that I have documentation of this time with my kids, as a line in the TV show Modern Family got me thinking last night.  A high school daughter and her dad were arguing after he embarrassed her (horribly) in front of her peers at a college visit day.  While talking it out, he said something to this effect, "It's just that watching over you has been my job your whole life.  And I kind of love it.  And I guess I just feel like I'm being forced into early retirement."

I'm quite positive I'll feel the same way.


Renay said...

I have to slow myself down sometimes too...put away the to-do lists and sit with the kids. I love the Phil comment...I'm already dreading that day!!!! Go mom!!!

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