Skid out!

Monday, December 5, 2011
It's surprising to be reporting Cole's first major spill off a bike/scooter being that he is a speed demon and has sent my heart into arrhythmia on several occasions.  But it happened today.  He was on his plasma car (which he enjoys screaming down the driveway, placing one foot down and doing a 360).  This time, however, he was just racing along the sidewalk and hit something that stopped the scooter, but not Cole.

He hit the pavement with his face and I was several feet away at the bus stop and knew it was going to leave a mark.  I checked to assure that his teeth were intact first (been through that with Paige and drastically affects the difficulty of the situation), then surveyed the damage.  Nose abrasions, lip abrasions, chin abrasions and a massive upper lip.  He cried (though now he's not admitting to that), but handled it well.

What's funny is to see the other kids' reactions to it.  Here they are in a nutshell:
PAIGE: quickly gathers candy and small trinkets in a gift bag and presents them to him to make him feel better
WILL:  Gazes with a look of disgust and amazement at his face.  Points out all of the abnormalities.  And while this is all being said with his "awww, buddy" tone, it is not received well by Cole.

So, he missed swimming lessons tonight and though very interested if we could still see it (uh, yes.  yes we can), I'm hoping it doesn't play a major role in going to school tomorrow.

He posed for me a little and insisted on pointing to the injury (as if it would go unnoticed otherwise). 
His nose is shiny because literally the whole top layer of skin is gone and at this point the swelling of his lip is about half of what it was initially.  Poor guy.


heresthediehl said...

oh, poor guy! i love him asking if it's still visible though!

suzanne said...

ouch - what a trooper.

Kelly said...

Will's reaction cracks me up...I can totally picture it. and for the record, I react the exact same way. :)

Renay said...

A++ on your that it includes the words arrhythmia and several instances of "abrasions". Who is married to a doctor?! :):)

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