Things I learned today

Tuesday, November 29, 2011
1.  Yup.  Wind is still my least-liked weather condition.

2.  I can knock off a BUNCH of to-do's in in very few kid-free hours

3.  Despite feeling like Cole's allergies are getting better, initiating experiments with new foods is still scary.  (Tried soy cheese today, but he only took 2 bites and had a cough later that may or may not have been associated.  No conclusions drawn.)

4.  My kids eat lunch in their coats at school.  Weird.  They go to recess after lunch and have to bring coats with them and while some sit on theirs, apparently most eat in theirs.  Which explains the yogurt down the front of Will's coat.

5. My 3-year old still likes to be held and sung to...even though his legs are hanging down to my knees when I hold him.

6.  I love UPS deliveries this time of year.

7.  There IS something to shopping small, local shops.

8.  I don't have eggs in the house at the present time.  Bummer.  Guess that pumpkin cranberry bread will have to wait.

9.  Will hasn't been making his bed in the morning and despite my irresistible urge, I left it unmade for him to do after school today.  I learned his reason for not doing it was because it's, "like, hard."

10.  Paige now dislikes all cafeteria food offerings.  Which is why we're not reaching the 'buy at least 1 meal a week' goal I set in the beginning of the year.  Thankfully, I learned that she is also a very good brainstormer for more packed-lunch ideas.

11.  Cole has a best bud in preschool.  It's Matthew.  And he wears his watch everyday to school because Matthew digs his watch.


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