Wednesday, December 7, 2011
FUNNIEST AWARD: Do you know those crazy people who put antlers and red noses on their cars this time of year?  Well, today, I was driving with Cole when he stated, "Ha!  Mom!  A kangaroo car!" 

MOST POLITICALLY INCORRECT AWARD:  Paige was looking at a piece of mail that was a request for donations for the Smile Train (program for kids born with cleft palates) and states, "Awww, look at these poor kids with messed up faces."

BEST IDEA AWARD: Use making his bed as currency for Will.  (He's good, I make it.  Problems = he makes it).

MOST CONFUSED AWARD:   Cole has show-and-tell every Thursday.  Last week was "bring something you wore as a baby."  This week is "bring something that reminds you of Jesus at Christmas."  Tonight, when I mentioned show-and-tell Cole stressed out a bit and huffed, "but I don't have any of Jesus' baby clothes."


Jamie said...

Oh, I am so jealous of all the comic relief you are provided at your home!! Great quotes!

Renay said...

I am so stealing the bed making currency!!! Love it - you're such a smartie...and hysterical as always!

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