Paige Day

Sunday, December 11, 2011
Today was Paige's first cheer competition!  It's safe to say she thoroughly enjoyed herself.  Because we usually have her family birthday party earlier in December, and because many of the family would be coming to the cheer competition anyway, we decided to combine the events into one!

First, we watched the competition. Little girls in cute matching outfits everwhere, kind of remembering the routines they'd been practicing for weeks.  But Paige's squad did pretty well and took first place (okay, so there were only 2 squads in her division size) and got a trophy!  Here are some pics!
Paige and some of the girls

Paige and I

She's the one in the center front

After the competition, we went to a nearby restaurant for some birthday celebrating! 
It's what you do when the birthday girl doesn't like cake (but loves peace sign anything)

A slushie machine!

Happy 9th to Paige!
My sincere thank you to all our family for making it such a special day for her! 


Suzanne said...

Hey, a win is a win!

Renay said...

1. So STINKIN cute - love love love the uniforms!
2. Did you match your outfit to the girls? :)
3. OF COURSE she's center front
4. Best brownie cake EVER
5. Congrats to Paige and happy early bday!!!

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