Osum things today

Wednesday, December 14, 2011
First, Will came home today with a gift for the family.  It was a little wreath made of red and green painted puzzle pieces glued together with his picture in it.  Super cute.  What I thought was super cuter was the card that went with it:

My favorites:  "olpin" because that's just how he pronounces "open." And, of course, "osum,"  because that's just, well, awesome.
 In other news, Cole hasn't been eating at mealtime the greatest.  I told him no snack today after school time (a favorite time I know he looks forward to with Paige and Will).  Plus, he has had a Kit Kat in his seat for over 24 hours just waiting to be utlized once he ate well enough.  I told him he could have a fruit or vegetable during this time and that is it.  He asked to whisper in my ear (usually the case whenever what he is saying is questionable) and stated, "Pretzels are a fruit, I think."  We muscled through that afternoon snack time (I stuck to my guns - he had half a banana), and dinner was a new recipe.  Not a favorite.  It included roasted shrimp that we all were not raving about.  Except Cole, who enthusiastically ate his quota for the beloved Kit Kat prize!

Paige got a very cool calligraphy pen set for her birthday.  We finally had time to get it out today and she was almost squealing she was so excited to use it.  She happily wrote all her thank you notes for her birthday.  (Note to thank-you recipients:  what they lack in detail, the notes make up for in pretty pink calligraphy ink)!


suzanne said...

i agree - that is osum! :)

Renay said...

Will is Osum for sure! Cole doesn't know who he's dealing with does he? Telling YOU of all people what constitutes a fruit ;) I miss my child-hood calligraphy set....my ink was purple!

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