Sunday, November 27, 2011
We enjoyed at wonderful extended weekend with the holiday.  It included a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner at my parents', some shopping, chores, family movie nights, Christmas decorating and project making.

We've tried to emphasize the thankfulness purpose of the holiday.  Because of that, tonight at dinner Paige suggested that we go around (again) and say what we're thankful for.  We heard the repeats of those on Thanksgiving - family, friends, pets, home, until Cole's turn who answered that he's thankful for, "Hot wheels, beat that!" (which happens to be the Hot Wheels slogan).  He wants hot wheels for Christmas...along with just about everything else currently advertised on TV.

Of course, then he called the couscous for dinner (which was actually quinoa) cous-bumps which cracked everyone up a second time. 

So I'm thankful for dinnertime and all the comedic family time that comes with it.


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