Will & Cole and some current phase fun

Monday, November 21, 2011
Recently, Will has found it his job to correct Cole in every mispronounced word, misunderstood concept and all around actions whenever absolutely possible.  I remember this phase from Paige, so I'm confident it is just a phase.  But let's just say it's a safe bet that age 6 won't be my favorite age.

It leads to many arguments.  For example, tonight in an attempt to defend himself, Cole announced he was going to "constroy" Will.  Of course, he meant "destroy" and it just added to the criticism.

And I can't even begin to explain the conversation that ensued after Will heard Cole singing Mary Had a Little Star.  It wasn't pretty.

But Cole has his phases too.  First of all, he has added syllables to words for emphasis.  For example, instead of "I know," it's "I know-ah."  Another favorite is "okay-ah."  It's pleasant.

He is also good at acting like he is giving you a choice in a matter, when really he's not.  Here's a prime example I overheard tonight.

Setting: I'm in kitchen making dinner.  Rich is in living room playing with kids.  Cole is sitting at piano.

Cole: Dad, what kind of song do you want to hear?  Pretty or scary?

Rich: (in the middle of a conversation with one of the other kids)

Cole:  Dad?  What kind of song?  Pretty or scary?  Do you want a pretty or scary song, dad?  Dad?  Dad!  I'm going to play a song do you want it pretty or scary, dad?  Pretty or scary?

Rich:  Finally tunes into the monotony and replies A pretty one, bud.

Cole: No, I'm going to play a scary one.

Good times.


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And while I can't exactly describe Bennett and Jack Henry's relationship as matching your two younger kids', it's safe to say that B & JH are not best friends most of the time.

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