Sunday, November 20, 2011
Messes have been peaking around here lately.  Take for example, last Thursday. 
  • Woke up to dog puke on the stairs.  Messy.  (My fault - forgot the little one can't handle those treats)
  • Will was home* with his 14+ day cold that is still sending tissues one by one to the wastebasket with a thud.  He finally got on an antibiotic for a suspected sinus infection. 
  • Cole thought he could wipe himeslf.  Let the record show that he is not yet ready to be independent on this task.  Messy.
  • Discovered dog puke in location #2.  Small mess.
  • Cole meets a Hostess cupcake.  This is the mess.
  • Will and Cole are out of practice of being home alone to play with one another.  Obviously. It was a mess of arguments.
  • Cole and I made a dairy-free milkshake.  He was a big fan.  But it was messy.
But we got to wash the mess away this weekend at cousin Riley's 7th birthday at a nearby hotel pool and overnight.  The kids had a blast and enjoyed the good clean fun!

*  With an increase in bickering around here since school has started, stumbling upon this note-passing between Paige and Will was heart-melting.  She had left the "get well"  message on his door in the morning when he didn't go to school and he replied.


Jamie said...

That is such a handsome pic of Cole! And I'm not surprised Paige did that - but Will went above and beyond with his reply!!!!

heresthediehl said...

love that response note :)

the kleenex usage in this house has skyrocketed in the last week. i'm sick of it already.

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