Progress...I think

Tuesday, November 15, 2011
I'm proud to report that Cole can confidently say "THank you" instead of "sank you"  or "gank you."  He is extremely proud of this fact, and thankfully uses the phrase often.  He even sticks his tongue halfway out to reeeally assure the "th" is clear.  He sounds so sweet, appropriate, and...old.

On the other hand, I learned today that he thinks "light bulbs" are "light balls."


Jamie said...

His speech path auntie appreciates this - however, he's early to have perfected the "th"! You gotta hand it to him - the bulb is basically a 'ball" shape - it's a "ball" of light - I get it :)

Anonymous said...

The way that you tell the story of your family life makes me smile :)

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