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Monday, November 14, 2011
I'm not kidding when I say it's hard to sit down and write about anything that has a definitive beginning, middle and end.  My own thoughts don't have those integral parts.  I'd post about funny conversations I have with the kids, but they're so odd and random that it would all just seem like one big stream of consciousness.  Here's an example of conversations that just occurred after school through bedtime today.
  • Paige's progress report for my packed lunches went something like this, "Mom, about my lunches.  First, there's not enough food.  I'm still hungry.  Also, I don't like mayo THAT much."
  • After a conversation at dinner about safety pins (?) Cole entertained us with a likely fictitious story about how when he was little he walked around with a diaper safety pin stuck in his skin.
  • Will's "free writing" papers that come home are ALWAYS notes to "dad" asking if he can play Wii or certain iPhone games when he gets home.  Complete with illustrations.
  • SEVERAL lines from the movie "Elf" were recited on the way to swimming as the song Baby It's Cold Outside came on the radio.
  • A speech from Paige about how she likes the olden days and she likes the future (you know, like when robots will be waiting on us and stuff), and we're stuck kind of in the middle, so she guesses that's good.
  • Rich visited Will's class today and talked about the doctor profession.  The class later had to write about what they want to be when they grow up.  I asked Will what he put.  He answered, "a nurse."  Literally *never* heard this before from him.
So, luckily, I have these couple hours after kids go to bed and before I do that I can think clearly and completely instead of jumping from safety pins, to futuristic robots, to movies with Will Ferrell.


suzanne said...

"you smell like beef and cheese!" - sorry, had to throw my own elf quote. we watched it 2 nights ago and finally tivo'ed it. love it.

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