Random Thoughts

Monday, October 3, 2011
1. Cole is getting real comfortable with swimming lessons and his new male instructor.  He can be seen across the pool bobbing his head and pointing his finger while telling his teacher what he IS and IS NOT willing to do today.  When Will expressed anxiety about his lesson tonight, Cole even chimed with his advice, "Just tell your teacher you do NOT want to put your head under water."  Because that's exactly what he does.

2. I feel like I usually have a pretty good start at Christmas ideas/lists by this time of year.  If this is true, it's safe to say I'm behind.

3.  Cole told me over the weekend while we were making homemade applesauce (that tasted fair) that I didn't remember that he tried homemade applesauce before because it was when I was still in his tummy.

4. We have blown through our fall household to-do list - and that feels great!

5.  I am in a one-woman fight for good customer service.  My weapon is positive reinforcement.  Instead of complaining when it's bad (or, let's face it - average lately), I'm going to make sure I am vocal about the good.

6.  Is there anything better than a whole house that is clean all at one time?  No, really, someone tell me because I wouldn't know.

7.  Paige has a fashionista gene that she did not inherit from me.

8.  My dogs - they got probably one of their last outside baths today due to the season change.  Bailey is a wonderdog - seemingly reaching the end her road, then jumping back into normal.  Milo has become a sucker for any comfy place to snuggle, much to the pleasure of the kids. 

9.  This upcoming weekend - it's a three-dayer.  The way all weekends should be.

10.  I've been able to enjoy some 2-hour spurts of alone time while Cole is in school and I've learned a couple things.  1) It's amazing how much I can get done alone.  2) It's a little piece of heaven - but doesn't compare to seeing his little face when I pick him up and he shares his stories with me.


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