Wednesday, September 28, 2011
It has come to my attention that since the school year has started, my zest for blogging has decreased.  I think it may have to do with the following:
  • 2/3s of my kids (my subject matter) are gone most of the day
  • I'm just plain tired come evening (blogging time)
  • Things are more routine.  Not many people want to hear that we did homework, took showers and then read.  Every night.
  • My kids are getting older.  Some discussions / subject matters I don't deem to be the business for the Internet world.  (Entertaining, yes.  Appropriate, no.)
And much like my lack luster blog, I am feeling the doldrums of school year routine.  Yes...already.  But I'm adjusting, with my new epiphany that "quality" time with my kids is now not a day trip to a park/zoo/attraction like it was in summer.  Now, they are the small moments that I soak up and savor.  And the funny thing is that they can be just as sweet!  Here are some:
  • A heart to heart discussion about "friends" with Paige while in bed
  • My day with Cole today - anything we felt like doing
  • Will's dimples when he gets off the bus and the subsequent squeeze around my waist
  • Rocking with Paige last night - because she just had the urge and hadn't been rocked in a long time...
  • Watching Will start to tackle homework with me - smiling ear to ear
  • Lunch dates with just Cole
  • Cole's help.  He wrapped the vacuum cord up for me today because he "knows how.  Really."  It was a mess.  I happily put it away that way.
  • Finding fun new hairstyles with Paige in the morning.  (Braids are SO in right now, apparently).
  • Reading time
  • Dinner time


Anonymous said...

what is this "smiling ear to ear" you speak of when doing homework? Bennett, for the most part, is happy to do his and does all of it for the week on Monday, when it's assigned. Luke is starting to balk at homework time most days, and I don't love it. I also don't love that I don't understand his math homework.

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