Fresh Air Weekend

Sunday, October 23, 2011
It is almost with fearful desperation that I plan our weather-friendly weekends because I am constantly reminding myself that soon I won't want to step foot outside.  At all.  And this weekend was perfect!

  • walked the dogs
  • hiked in a nearby forest preserve
  • had friend play dates
  • played outside at my parents'
  • rode bikes
  • played games
  • did household chores
And I would do it all over again next weekend if we're lucky enough to have this awesome weather.

Fam + 1 friend checking out the fish down below

The kids "investigating" a hole they found.  They're pretty sure they saw eyes.

My only complaint would be the inability to sleep in, as the kids are in early-rise mode due to school.  When Rich suggeted one night that they "sleep in."  Cole's response was telling as to whether we'd get that wish..."Sleep in what?"


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