Who'd want to wish this away?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011
Usually I do pretty good with the dinnertime insanity.  Let me paint the picture:  Dinner burning in a skillet, 2 kids simultaneously asking homework questions, 1 kid wants nothing more than to "help" me make dinner and 2 dogs at my feet.  This is pretty typical, but tonight it must have gotten to me because my main dish was headed to the oven without the main ingredient in it yet. *sigh*  Thankfully, I caught it in time.

Or tonight at dinner when each kid was bursting with stories and had to be told numerous times to "hold that thought" as another got a turn.  (Nevermind that Cole's story was the same.  Three times.  And one of Will's stories must have gotten too long for Cole because he leaned toward me and said, "Okay, is that enough of the talking?")

But I'm careful not to wish this partial-insane dinnertime away.  They contribute to my daily chuckles.  And I think that there are studies that show that laughing daily leads to longer lives...er...something.

And here are some other things I don't wish away...
  • That Cole still says "sink" instead of "think."
  • That Cole says, "that remembers me..." instead of, "that reminds me..."
  • That Cole calls windshield wipers "wish wipers."
  • That Will uses his free writing time at school to write notes to remind himself things.  Today was "Ask mom and dad if I can play Wii Sports tonight."
  • That Paige is totally pumped that I'm coming to do her class' halloween party
And stumbling upon things like this:
It's a makeshift towing system with the strategic use of the ever-strong Scotch tape.


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