Drama and whatnot

Wednesday, October 19, 2011
Just as I was piecing together a blog post about how nice this week has been so far in that it has been drama-free, there was drama.  I have been warned about the rockiness that is 6-year old boys and I can safely say I understand now. 

Though his sweet demeaner is still there, Will's emotions are closer to the surface lately and usually manifest themselves in the form of whining and inconsolable tears.  It's exhausting.  Tonight it was that he had a make-up swim lesson (due to a lesson being cancelled) alone tonight (since I couldn't reschedule them all at once like they usually do).  Yet, he went to his lesson, did great, and was happy as can be.  So, why the drama...why, we wonder.  Here's hoping this phase...phases out soon.

On a good note, Will brought home a paper from art class today that was a sketch he completed in art.  It was awesome.  One was a tree frog and another was a snake winding up a tree.  He said he looked at a book that taught how to draw animals.  I asked if he put the paper over the pictures and traced them first.  He said no; he just looked at them.  I then compared my data with that which Rich got with a similar line of quesitoning and the answer was the same.

I feel a little ashamed that we figured there had to be some other explanation, but the fact is that he comes from two people who don't necessarily excel in that area.  Yet, it shouldn't surprise me.  He loves to draw, loves details and loves the days his class has art.  I look forward to his future works!


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