Weekend Agenda Fulfilled

Sunday, September 25, 2011
Weekend agenda:  restful fun. 

This means no major plans, just whatever we feel like whenever we feel like it. 

And that was a perfect plan because Will came home (from his 1 day of school this week due to croup) with what looked like black eyes.  It even initiated a call from the teacher to assure us that he did not get hurt at school.  He was just still fighting this virus.  So rest and relaxation was in order!

We are grateful for some impromptu things this weekend:
  • Impromptu carpet stretching service (on our fall to-do list) thanks to being in the right place at the right time
  • Impromptu carpet steam cleaning thanks to steam cleaner guy having a cancellation!
  • Impromptu double date night with friends to nice restaurant made possible by....
  • Impromptu babysitting by my parents!
Combine this with a great family movie night in the basement, playdates and halloween decorating and  weekend agenda fulfilled!

Cole, in charge of window clings on the playroom door.  Unfortunately, this had to be re-done during naptime because mama couldn't handle the mess of fingerprints on the glass.  Shhhh!  The kids also turned the entire living room in to a "fort" of fake spider webs.  I know this for sure because I just had to army crawl to retrieve Will's water bottle to wash up.  Cole didn't play in this much, though, because one strand of fake spider web stuck across his face evoked freak out 2011 and he was pretty done with it.


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