Sock season

Thursday, September 8, 2011
Today wasn't a stellar second day of preschool for Cole.  He cried.  Consequently, so did I.  But, he recovered and seemed to enjoy his day after the first 5 minutes or so.  I will report after a couple weeks how he really feels about preschool.

Onto more important things...sock season: the pros and cons. 

If you asked me in the summer if I liked bare-foot season, I'd have said 'no.'  Afterall, look at all the negatives:
  • Can't take off your dirty feet, therefore, dirty floor
  • Feet that need a literal scrubbing nightly
  • Toenails: dirt under them too
  • Sand and leaves that stick to feet - then make themselves at home on the floor
  • Puddles/drips that come from feet that were recently in a pool/slip'n slide now on floor
So, in comes cool weather and the need for socks.  Only, I'm not feeling so relieved as now I contend with:
  • Laundry-loads of what seems like just white socks that only differ slightly from each other
  • Socks stashed in random places in the house when the person deems a couple minutes of bare-foot time is necessary.
  • Dirty socks that don't get white white ever again
  • Stinky socks I have to touch and sort
Since this is obviously a lose/lose situation, I've decided to start placing boxes of footies at my doors for family members to put on while spending some time in the house and toss when they're done.  You know, like at home open houses?  It's going to be cool.

Yes, this subject matter did deserve it's own post.


Renay said...

I am SO there with you girl!! I organized the sock bins the other day in an effort to reduce confusion. Each boy has his very own, unique type of white sock...any others saw the bottom of my trash can!! Sorry guys...monotony in your foot-wear department = mommy's sanity!

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