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Tuesday, September 6, 2011
It's official!  Cole is a school kid.  He did great on his first day!  He was dressed and ready in the outfit we picked out the night before (like we do for the big kids) and happy to wear his backpack (and a little concerned about where it was going to be when he was in class).  Though bummed that he isn't attending school with Paige and Will or taking a bus, he already has a sense of ownership of his school.

Not sure why he looks half bald in this picture.  No worries.  He's not.
Cutest sentiments from him:
On the drive there he murmers, "I hope they share their friends" (Assuming that surely everyone else is already friends with each other)

At breakfast he pities me and says I'm going to be all alone (a big sigh of relief from me who wasn't quite sure if he caught on that I'm not staying), but assured me that Bailey and Milo will keep me company!

His feedback was all positive:  liked the snack, loved the playground, liked the toys and the play-doh.  His one admission was that he almost cried because there were so many people, but he didn't.

Now, I could have ladened this post with mush about how I have had 3 chances to do this "first day of school ever" event and this is the LAST one.  Ever.  Or that when I left him at that preschool building I didn't have a toddler's hand to hold onto on the way back to the car.  Or that I got to be a fly on the wall and watch him on the playground when he didn't know and guess what?  He seemed fine without me.  Because all of that is just sad on an otherwise very happy day.


heresthediehl said...

oh, adorable! love the little illini hoodie on the first day of school :) so glad that it went well for you AND him!! call me!

suzanne said...

glad he had a great first day!

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