Where I Was

Sunday, September 11, 2011
Ten years ago on this day I was somewhat newly married, getting ready for my work day in my bathroom with the bedroom TV set to the Today show, as it always was.  I remember hearing Matt Lauer's tone change when they interrupted their piece with news that a plane had hit the World Trade Center. 

I went into the bedroom and sat on the bed for the next several minutes, completely careless to the fact that I would be late for work, or that my 4-month old puppy was dying for my attention.  I made my way to my car for the short 10-minute drive to my work, which happened to pass the outer limits of a small airport.  What was normally a sky with at least some small craft action was completely quiet, clear.

Thankfully, being a new dietitian on staff, my schedule wasn't full and I spent my free time in my boss' office watching the story unfold, seeing the towers fall.  I remember alerting my husband to stay tuned to the news if possible and hearing a coworker utter some Middle Eastern name that was practically unheard of to me at the time, but quickly became a common household name.

For days to weeks following, I was glued to 24-hour news television trying to understand the stories, the politics, and process by which this nation would heal.

All three of my children have been born in this decade following 9/11.  And ten years later I am still glued to shows that depict the events of that day.  Not because I'm riveted by dramatization, but because for the sake of those whose lives were lost and their loved ones who are left with such a feeling of loss, I want to remember what happened...every detail that I can.

And last night while we watched such a show, a certain 3-year old made his way out of bed and was hiding behind the couch.  When I picked him up to replace him into his room, I gave him the tightest hug with his arms wrapped snuggly around my neck and was intensely saddened by the the thought that so many people didn't get to do that just one last time because of that day.


Renay said...

Great post Karen! We were talking to the boys about 9/11 last night...showing them a short video, and both Brian and I started crying. They kind of didn't get it, but Logan came and gave me giant hugs.

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