Catching the Cuteness

Thursday, September 1, 2011
Lately, I've tried to make mental notes of the little cute happenings that I've been seeing.  And since mental notes aren't good enough, I've actually written them down so I could record them here.  And here they are:
  • Will's infatuation with the dogs grew to an all time high this summer.  So, understandably, he misses them the whole school day.  One can be sure to catch him in serious snuggle time with both dogs at some point after coming home from school. 
  • Cole has a pair of slippers.  If he looks down and sees the rugs are removed from the tile floor (meaning that I have recently mopped), he runs and puts his "wet floor" slippers on. 
  • The fact that a refurbished swing set can have kids outside playing in the sand at 7:30am before school!
  • The fact that these outfits are not coincidentally similar.  (Whenever possible, Cole tries to pattern his outfit for the day off of Will's.)...
  • A little taste of what crazy is like.
  • Paige's comment to me tonight when reading a nonfiction book about mammals: If you won't let me get a bird and if they were sold as pets, I'd love to get a zebra.


Renay said...

This picture is priceless! Great idea on the refurbished swing set! I added sand to ours the day I saw you and it's definitely upped the play time out there - genius!

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