Days With Cole

Tuesday, August 30, 2011
I've been excited about the opportunity to have extended alone time with Cole this year.  Last year, even though Will went to Kindergarten, it was when Cole napped.  Though heavenly, it didn't make for much quality time.

But he's older now and much accustomed to big brother and sister playing, occupying, and entertaining him.  So now, those people are...ME.  And little did I know (because it wasn't all addressed to me) that that kid has a lot to say!  But we're working on navigating through our days with just each other.  Translation:  I'm re-learning how to play cars / super heroes and he is realizing that some of the one hundred gazillion comments he makes a day simply won't get a response because there's a quota of uh-huhs? and reallys? that I can say that I would otherwise reach by 10am.

But really focusing in on what he DOES have to say can definitely keep me laughing.  Here are a few examples:

We were playing on our "chalk town" on our driveway and he was visiting me at my house, but then invited me to his house for dinner.  I asked when I should be there.  His answer, "A lot of times."

The fact that he still calls "guitars" "tuigars."

The fact that every time we see a cute dog he says we should get one like that when Bailey and Milo get dead.  (well, not really funny, but still how do you not chuckle?)


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