Boo, Germs

Monday, September 19, 2011
The timing is about right.  Cole has had a little cough/cold after just 2 days of preschool and now Will is down for the count with a fever/headache.  Never mind that it's the first week of "real" homework for him that the teacher has been gearing them up for.  And never mind that this is just 1 of two weeks of the year that Rich travels for work.  *sigh* 

So, I pray that I just saw the worst of it (high fever/chills) and that things improve from here - including not spreading to other members of the family.

In other news, Cole earned a small prize on Thursday for holding it together at preschool drop off.  (And it was not easy, judging from the turned down lips and quivering chin).  I have a feeling he'll be tempted to let his emotions go tomorrow, too.  So, I'm prepared with another positive reinforcement in the form of a McDonald's lunch (drive-thru only, since we'll have the sick one in tow).  We'll keep you posted!


suzanne said...

that STINKS. hope they feel better soon.

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