Thursday, September 15, 2011
Fall is my favorite season and it's not just because of the colors, smells, and weather.  I also love football season.  Not that I'm too "into" the games, but I lovethe simple sound of a football game on TV and football on Thanksgiving and football in searing heat and freezing cold!  All part of fall.

And we always try to make a trip to Illini territory part of our fall, too!  We made it last weekend for a beating against Sout Dakota State.  But let's adimt it, we went for the hotel stay and tailgate!  It was fun!
Hotel pool - a must-do


SISTERS! And honorary Illini cheerleaders! :)

Tailgate! Lots of food and scooters for the kids which allowed them to scoot around the nearby parking lot which was a blast for them.


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