What I'm Looking Forward to...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011
...with the start of school (in no particular order):
  • A house that stays clean for more than 5 minutes
  • More silence
  • Hearing my name less-frequently
  • Feeding only 1 kid a lunchtime (which is cancelled out by the fact that I now have to pack 2 lunches at night.)
  • My one-on-one time with Cole!
  • More regular exercise regime
  • My favorite time of day: after-school pow wow
  • Seeing my kids learn new things
  • School functions
  • Shopping with less (or no!) kids!
  • Less talking (let's hope Cole doesn't set a goal to make up for 2 mouths missing)
  • Getting to know the teachers
  • Seeing the kids in some of their new school clothes
  • Did I mention the silence? (I type, as I hear one child singing a made-up song about wanting a bird and another crashing an RC car into walls).  Yeah, bring on the silence.
  • Let's admit it - a new school year brings new seasons of TV shows and earlier bedtimes!  Awesome.


Anonymous said...

I hate to burst your "my kids are back in school" honeymoon bubble, but because I'm a week ahead of you at this game, I'm finding this: there's not a whole lot of difference between being a SAHM mom of 3 and a SAHM mom of 1 who is a huge talker.

No joke.

But I hope all of your list comes true :)

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