The One Where Paige Makes ME Feel Better

Monday, August 22, 2011
Tonight I had another blog topic planned, but due to events of tonight I thought I'd jot my thoughts down while they're fresh.  My other topic (what I'm looking forward to when school starts) I'm sure I won't forget anytime soon.

Tonight was preview night at the kids' elementary school.  It was more than just meeting and greeting as it usually is because they didn't make class lists public before this night (only the names of children's teachers were able to be viewed) so the kids got to learn who was in their class with them as well as meeting their teachers / seeing their classrooms.

Will has the teacher Paige had for first grade.  I am thrilled with this in that I was very happy with her and he seemed pleased and happy to see a few good friends in his class.

Paige, however, had a new teacher that we weren't familiar with.  Tonight we found out that she is BRAND new (like just moved her stuff out of college new).  The plus is that that college was U of I  - so we know she has wise taste!  Third grade is a big year curriculum-wise and I would think experience would be key in easing kids into this change/increase in intensity.  In addition, while 3rd-5th grades are on the second level of the school, this new teacher has her classroom on the first floor due to space purposes.  I was instantly frozen with anticipation of what Paige's reaction would be to this.  She was amazing.

Not only did she not have a problem with this, she went on to point out the pluses of having a first floor classroom (some of these included easier fire/tornado drills, closer to recess, closer to music/art, closer to lunch, and being the ultimate oldest on the floor).  And she was sure to explain these benefits to some friends that pitied her while we were out playing on the school playground afterwards.

She has enthusiasm, confidence and positivity enough for two people.  Even my concern about her teenage teacher started to dwindle as I watched her thrill for the new year only grow. 

This town recently was listed in Money Magazine's Top 100 small towns in the U.S.  Among the attributes measured to arrive at this list were schools.  There are so many things about our school district that currently urk me.  And so I hope the school board rises to the occasion of this title and starts making wise, confident decisions, because the more stable and secure our schools are, the more students will feel that security and comfort entering each Paige and Will do this year.


Jamie said...

Paige's attitude is something these days!!!
A big plus to a new teacher is that she won't be bittered by all the funding cuts and growing class sizes like experienced teachers. Hopefully she will be organized and on top of things but also bring a more inspiring, "sky's the limit" atmosphere for the class. Can't wait for updates!!

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