Summer Wrap-Up

Sunday, August 21, 2011
In looking through my blog at this time last year, I realize that we tend to wrap our summers up the same way each year: our annual trip to Six Flags, Farm Day, and some good family time before the firm schedules ensue.

This year, we added an overnight after Six Flags at my sister's house where she and her husband recently purchased a boat.  My kids were instant fans of boating and we were blessed with perfect weather for it!  Thank you to them for their hospitality and awesome boat.  Here are some quotable quotes from the day:

Will (after kicking it up to 40mph):  This is MUCH faster than a canoe
Cole: Why doesn't this boat have seatbelts?
Paige (out on the tube):  Faster!

Swimming off the end of the boat.  Rich literally congratulated me for doing this, you know, because it's not chlorinated and stuff.

Cole hanging out on the boat

Will - with this permament smile the whole time

Will and Riley looking on Jamie and Paige (a tubing pro)

Me and Paige.  I was made fun of for my paranoid face.  Let the picture prove that I AM SMILING! I missed uploading a pic of Rich and Will tubing - but it was hilarious with Will's body bouncing all over - all the while smiling!


Paige - making tremendous strides in water!

Picnic at the marina!

FARM DAY!  Paige helping grandma work the food tent.

Cole's first pony ride, I think.  I was not allowed to hold on per his rules and he would have much rather that I not walked along side also.  I don't think so.

Hay ride!  And I didn't include a pictures of white 3-week old goats but I believe Paige's quote was, "I'm SO asking grandpa to get one of those!"


heresthediehl said...

Looks like so much fun!! As always, Will left me laughing with his canoe comment :)

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