Ah! The weekend!

Sunday, August 28, 2011
Even though we only muscled through 3 days of school last week, the weekend was a welcomed break before a full-fledged week!  And it was a nice weekend with some shopping, a project, and a birthday party for a cousin!

Our project was re-staining our playset.  It needed a major overhaul and so we also did a little renovation too (lost the picnic table and made the sandbox bigger with benches).  We also bought some replacement accessories and did a full power wash / re-stain process.  Because this was indeed a process, it became a family affair Sunday morning in which all hands were on deck to stain.  The kids did awesome!

Will even helped Saturday, too.  He was totally into it!
Then, tonight, it was a school night and both kids expressed an interest in tomorrow being Saturday again instead of Monday.  Maybe it's the picture-perfect weather; maybe it's that they haven't become engrossed in the routine enough yet, or maybe it's because Paige isn't the most keen on her teacher (after last year's whom she SO adored).  Either way, summer mentality is still hanging on!  And the bigger sandbox is calling their names!


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