William Quinn and how he's 6 now

Sunday, July 24, 2011
Tomorrow (July 25th) Will is going to officially turn 6!  I say "officially" because we had a day of celebration for him this past Saturday with a kid party in the morning and family party in the evening.  (And Paige sandwiched a kid party of a friend of hers in the middle of the two!)

I drove five 6-year olds (with siblings/cousin coming in another van) to a go-kart/mini golf/bumper boat place nearby for some serious fun.  Will was in his glory!  One of his friends came up to me and said he "never wants to leave this place."  It was a good time!

Will and his friends.  This was Will most of the day - a ham.

Getting ready to drive!  You could see the first timers were nervous their 1st lap, then got the hang of it and let loose!


Water balloon wars! 

Unwrapping wonderful treasures!

And after a brief intermission, was the family party:
Intently listening to big sister read the card

Legos!  Legos was his day today.  Insatiable appetite for legos.

I love this picture because 1) he's wearing his new Cubs hat and 2) sitting in the background making a blowing expression with her mouth as Will blows out the candle is his great-grandmother...84 years his senior!

I can so vividly remember when he was born and was so quiet in the hospital...so quiet that I actually had to wake him to feed him because I was afraid he was going too long without eating.  (I later found out that under eating was not going to be a problem of his).  But this good sleeping holds true still as last night he slept through a loud and bright storm that had the whole family (including dogs) up for a good part of the night.  That's what I love about him - he has a strong sense of self and knows what he likes (like a good night of sleep)...at the ripe old age of six!  Happy Birthday, Will!


suzanne said...

happy birthday to him!

Anonymous said...

what a fun birthday weekend! happy, happy 6th, Will!!

Renay said...

Happy (belated) birthday to such a cute kid. Boy are you guys hitting the good spots this summer! I gotta get on your program! :)

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