Some Fun Things

Tuesday, July 26, 2011
1) A relaxing day at a local park / mini zoo that was so nice with just the kids and my mom:


Didn't plan for the splash park - but didn't stop the kids!  That's Will.

2) A visit from a friend in St. Louis who just had her 3rd boy five weeks ago!  An ultimate playdate!
Cole and Jared - have the same picture of our two oldest boys, too!

Babysitter for hire

Both boys were enamored with the baby.  I thought about how maybe we need another one.  Then I remember how much I cherish 2 free hands...


Renay said...

what is this splash park? Is that at Phillip's Park Zoo? Need info! :) Paige looks so dang grown up! and also, can she babysit tomorrow??? I have some errands....

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