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Thursday, July 21, 2011
With the weather being so hot, the kids and I have gotten real comfortable with just finding fun things to do around here. It has been fun spending some relaxing, unscheduled time with the kids. They have truly been having so much fun together as well! Arguing is at an all-time low.

Here are some things that made me giggle today:

We were shopping at a grocery store and I pointed out a package that was retro (a marketing ploy many manufacturers are using now) and I told the kids that's what those foods used to look like when I was little. Rounding the end of an aisle I overhear Will to Paige, "Hey, Paige, I bet when we're older things will look different than it does now. Yeah, like cooler."

Paige is on a new "I want my very own puppy" kick lately thanks to rediscovering a book we have that outlines details on many breeds. She has decided a Schepperke would be perfect based on it's adaptability, size, demeanor, and look. So today I walked in her room and find an unfinished book on her bulletin board titled, "Days Without A Puppy: Starting July 20 and Ending Whenever I Get A Puppy."

I'll admit, when we're in our (pretty private) backyard, I've been known to send Cole to the bushes for a potty break instead of in the house (like if we're all dripping wet from the pool).  Tonight we went for a hardly refreshing dip in the pool and Cole was mid-changing back into his clothes (yes, outside) when he decided he had to go.  I don't take all the blame for what happened next.  He marched, naked from the waist down, into the middle of the wide-open lawn, spead is legs and let loose.  Of course, his siblings roared with laughter which I'm sure elicited a "I'm gonna do THAT again sometime" response in his head.  But, of course, I was laughing too.


Renay said...

Um...I have SO SO SO many stories of Brady and...sadly, a 6-year-old Logan, peeing in public. Ask anyone who went camping with us...we all got a peek or two or three. boys!!!!
Going to now google Schepperke!

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