Cabs, Trains, and Automobiles

Monday, July 18, 2011
Keeping up with the summer events on my blog is a bit difficult.  It seems by the time I am able to sit down and write a (what has been) short post, I only have it in me to hit the major points.  What's missing are the little daily details, funnies, and moments. 

Like today, when Paige and I got home from dance class and Will had a present for her wrapped by the back door with her signature peace sign on it.  (He had found a feather in grandma and grandpa's yard for her).  Or the fact that Cole claimed to Rich that he needed to be carried down stairs because his legs were too little and he's scared of the dark.  Or the fact that Paige could not be any more helpful around the house than she has been lately - chopping vegetables, running to fetch things from the basement, helping Cole out, feeding dogs, you name it.  I feel like I have reached a sort of summer utopia.

But, now let's move onto the major bullet points: our train trip into the city to the Shedd aquarium.  It was a day for many firsts: train ride, major museum, and taxi rides.  What?  We don't even need seat belts?  Do you have ANY idea how much our kids would bob around the back seats if this were always true?  A lot.  I saw first hand.  Then again, that was cabby-style driving in Chicago. 

We had a great time!  The aquarium was more crowded than I would have liked, but the entire experience was priceless!  Paige was practically in tears with disbelief as sharks were swimming over our heads, "I can't believe it!  I've read so much about sharks and now I'm actually seeing them LIVE!"  Cole's quotable quote came about 2 1/2 hours after being in the city, "Hey, wait, is this Chicago?"  And then my personal favorite was Will as we were walking through Union Station, "I feel like I'm in China."  (Note to self: get the children more well-travelled).

Here are some pictures:

First time on a train

First time in a taxi

A silhouette of Paige in front of our view during lunch

Walking over stingrays - you can see one in the upper right corner

3 kids in a boat

Paige and Cole watching the dolphins (see the fin?) before the show began


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