Monday, August 1, 2011
Traveling the expressways north to Wisconsin, Cole finally asks, "Is this bacation?" 

Yes.  Yes it is. 

But if you ask Will, it's not official until you step foot into your hotel room (which he often confuses with the the word "apartment.")  And for Paige, it starts when they hop in the vacation mobile and see their "prizes."  (In this case, each got an activity book and a pack of orange Tic Tacs - a favorite). 

We opted for a getaway this summer that was light on the travel, so we went to Blue Harbor Resort on the Lake Michigan coast of Wisconsin:
It was perfect in that the room seemed to be made for us with a separated room with a set of bunk beds and another twin bed shaped like a boat.  We enjoyed the indoor water park, outdoor pool, festival that was going on, restaurants and more!  So here is a pictorial tour of our 4-day stay.

I'm building one of these rooms in our house because we had GREAT sleepers every night!

Eating in the room.  "This is the BEST. DINNER.  EVER," said Cole.  Only it was lunch.  And it was Subway.

First night there - looking out over the foggy lake

Cole had a blast in the outdoor pool

Ahhh...the good life!

We visited the beach.  It was gross.  I tried to mind-over-matter it, but it wasn't happening.  The kids had fun exploring, though.

Will, looking for fish.

Cole, diggin in the sand for a bit.  See those seagulls in the background?  Well, they left their mark ALL OVER the beach.

And it was dead fish season!  Happy dead fish season.  P.S.  don't plan on coming to the beach during dead fish season

Ahhhh!  Nicer sand at a state park!

We went for a little hike!

Then we traveled further north to the Maritime Museum.  Very neat museum!
And we toured the USS Cobia submarine.  It was SO cool! 

There was a kids' section where they could float boats and try different things like canals, dams, and wind.

And we couldn't be right in her neck of the woods and not visit my friend Kelly who moved back to her home town not too long ago!  She did a fantastic job making great recommendations to us for the trip and it was great to see her and her family!


Anonymous said...

What a fun getaway! but the dead fish were even worse than I pictured...ew.

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