Keeping Up

Wednesday, July 13, 2011
Cole's status on keeping up with the bigs (or "the kids" as he refers to Paige and Will):
  • Biking - the kid can pedal that little 12" bike like there is no tomorrow.  He can easily go 2 1/2 miles with no complaint.  I still carry the "pooped out" trailer behind my bike for boy and bike when needed, but lately, it is needed less and less.
  • Swimming - it has been a slight struggle , but let's remember that the bigs' classes at age 3 were pretty much about splashing and having fun - not actually accomplishing goals.  Today, however, he happily entered the water, blew bubbles and retrieved toys!  (With his trademark "thumbs up" to us after each trick).
  • Play - He's right in there.  Yesterday Paige and Will were excitedly running up the stairs and Cole was following just as excitedly behind them and turned to me and stated, "I don't know WHAT these guys are doing!"
  • Activities of Daily Living - He excels in dressing himself, brushing teeth, putting shoes on and buckling seat belts.  Truly a big boy about this stuff!
  • Family Games - He's still a little lost at organized games, whether it be kickball or board games.  Tonight during family game night he wasn't finding his niche in the game that was being played and so I agreed to get him a puzzle car track for him to build and play beside us.  He was having a small fit and I asked him if he knows how to build that track.  Through tears he cries, "No.  I need a boy or a grown up." 
  • And tomorrow (say a little prayer) he has his first dentist appointment! 
So - still some growing to do - but he's keeping up for sure!


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