When It All Catches Up...

Monday, June 13, 2011
What a busy non-regular schedule time we've had!  Let's do the math:
3 nights with thunderstorms: broken nights of sleep
window installation: no nap
trip to Michigan: no nap + late night

It should equal a horribly unruly, irritable 3 year old.  Only, Cole wasn't!  The 4 hour trip to Michigan was (dare I say) dreamy!  We don't have a great history with car sleepers, but with a movie, games, and books, there was just about never a complaint.

Then, the night was late with another wake-up due to Cole falling out of bed (he was okay and I had taken precautions for this that helped...this might have been due to Will being sprawled across the whole bed they were sharing).  And low and behold, the ride home (with no sleepers) was just as enjoyable!  Will read Cole books, played his Leapster and did workbooks.  Paige was content as could be with her workbooks, MP3 player and books.  Cole ate snacks, played with toys and serenaded us with songs like "Kung Fu Fighting."  We had a great visit with family and are so glad we went.

But...you know it had to happen.  And it wasn't until about bedtime tonight.  Cole.  Lost.  It.  I had signs of his short fuse as the evening progressed so I had already promised him a piece of candy if he took a bath without a problem.  Only when the time came he wanted two pieces.  *meltdown*  Then he didn't want to brush his teeth.  *meltdown*  Then he ONLY wanted mommy.  *meltdown*  It was hard not to laugh at the utter hysteria that he was.  Finally, after getting him to chuckle (to break the ice), I rocked him and sang him the song I always did when he was an infant - "This Old Man."  Only one round into the lullaby and he was crashed on my shoulder.  Sigh.  And when do you put a 3 year old whose cheeks are within perfect kissable distance in his bed?  The answer is when you absolutely have to go to the bathroom...but you soak it up as much as you can until then.  Here's to a good night's sleep!


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